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Fast, efficient strapping with the utmost in reliability.

Features include:

  • Applies up to 50 straps/minute, depending upon package size and track
  • Uses foot pedal or optional photo-eye for machine cycle
  • Sliding drawer, side-loading coil dispenser with push button coil threading for fast and convenient coil changes





Reliable, low-cost walk-up strapper.

Features include:

  • To 35 cycles/minute
  • Strap tension is infinitely adjustable from 0 to 50 lbs.
  • Uses 5mm or 8mm polypropylene strapping
  • Front-loading coil dispenser





  • Mosca’s patented Sonixs® Sealer features ultra-sonic strap sealing, which reduces motion and wear of moving parts for smooth operation at high speed. Innovative lever-style gripper and knife design and sealed bearing construction protects against moisture and debris, extending service intervals and reducing maintenance requirements
  • 50+ cycles/minute
  • Washdown tolerant, stainless steel cabinetry




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RQ-8 Standard Automatic Strapping Machine

The RQ-8 is the most dependable strapping machine yet developed. Its innovative design has been shown to be the most reliable general-purpose strapping machine on the market.
It features easy strap loading, auto re-feed and loop ejection, lubrication-free operation and safe dual tensioning. The RQ-8 has the reputation as having the lowest maintenance costs of any strapping machine available.

A wide range of options is available to customize the RQ-8 strapping machines to meet the needs of your application. Reliability, speed, ease of operation, innovative design, and low maintenance costs make the RQ-8 the most cost-effective machine available today.


The RQ-8IR2 is compact, with the coil located inside the machine. It takes up the space of a string tyer. The RQ-8IR2 is designed for graphic arts, magazine and newspaper distribution, and the direct mail industry. It runs inexpensive 5mm, 6mm or 9mm strapping. Mail flats easily fit into the 650mm (27") wide by 400mm (16") high arch. The angled sides of the RQ-8IR2 arch support the sides of mail trays during strapping.




D-53 Standard

Utilizing two DC direct drives, D-52 was the first beltless tabletop strapping machine. The D-53 is the second-generation version of this design from Strapack. The microprocessor has been upgraded to improve tension control.

Tension is applied with a steel wheel, allowing application of high tension without scuffing the strap. Tension is easily adjusted from 4.4 lbs. to 100 lbs., making the D53 a versatile strapping machine.


The D-53PLT2 is designed to economically and quickly strap most kinds of pallets and skids using standard or heavier polypropylene strapping.
The D-53PLT2 can cut the time it takes to strap pallets up to by 2/3 when compared to hand tools. Its simple operation entails pushing the track into the pallet void, pressing a button to feed the strap, and inserting the tip of the strap in the machine--and within two seconds your strap operation is completed.
The D-53PLT2's unique design enables you to strap pallets as low as 380mm or 15." Arch track is retractable with a hand crank. Track height is also adjustable to two positions, depending on the type of the pallet or size of its void. For edge protection insertion, the manual mode can be selected to control strap completion.


The D-53M employs the same strapping head as the D-53. The D-53 body is primarily constructed from stainless steel. The internal components are made of stainless steel or steel with a rust-resistant coating. The strap dispenser is located on top of the machine to protect the strap in the wet and harsh environments.

The D-53M is the perfect machine for low-volume applications in the meat and seafood industry.

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